The Group

PECOL is part of a Portuguese industrial group (PCL-Investimentos) that was founded in the city of Águeda (Portugal) in 1983. Currently Pecol holds a relevant position in Europe, providing a global range of products and services in the areas of fixing and assembly systems, for all kinds of industry and trade, in compliance with the most strict quality criteria.

PCL-Investimentos has complementary business platforms based in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Angola, Brazil and Morocco. Pecol – Sistemas de Fixação SA, is integrated into a dynamic, solid and experienced corporate group. Its sustained development is based on a rigorous management and quality policy, being certified with ISO 9001/2008 standard, as well as a strong emphasis on research and development of new products.

Pecol Sa

Besides this, PECOL complements its business strategy with a solid and dynamic commercial approach, based on the proximity with its clients, using the most modern technologies and optimizing the skills of its professionals, which are recruited by a rigorous selection process and supported with a continuous training plan.
In its Águeda facilities, Pecol has a warehouse able to store 45.000 palettes, a surface metal coating and treatment plant (RETSACOAT), a plant specialized on manufacturing tools and technical parts in hard metal (Sermocol) and the largest unit for manufacturing parts by cold stamping (PECOL AUTOMOTIVE) in Iberia.

The PECOL Group employs approximately 500 workers and the headquarters in Águeda has facilities with an area of 150.000m2.