Costumer Provider

The job of the “Client Ombudsman” within the scope of the Pecol – Sistemas de Fixação, S.A. company is to respond in a quick and satisfactory manner to all questions or requirements presented by our business partners.
The growing client number within the Pecol Universe increases our responsibility towards our clients, as to allow for a fast and efficient service, therefore strengthening our partnership.
Based on that presented herein, we considered the need to create a working position that focuses on the handling and hosting of all contacts and questions to be asked directly by the clients to Pecol – Sistemas de Fixação, S.A.
With this, we intend to ensure that the client encounters proper, interested, cooperative and professional services, guaranteeing from the start an answer to all questions within the required and reasonable deadlines.

Provedor Cliente

Tasks of the Client Ombudsman:
-Receive all contacts from clients or potential clients of the Pecol universe, register those contacts, interpret their wishes and give out proper answers and solutions within the reasonable deadlines.
-Make sure that the wishes and/or requirements of the client have been complied with by all departments and company agents.
-Ensure that the client is answered within the intended deadline and is satisfied with the received services.
-Register all client contacts, along with their statistical analysis, stating the following: type of issue, department, date of entry and solution, along with the name of the people involved.
-If necessary, establish a contact with the client in writing as to confirm their degree of satisfaction and their comments regarding the service rendered.
Framework of the Client Ombudsman
-They will report directly to the Manager, but will maintain a strict and functional relationship with the Quality department.
-All client matters concerning complaints of products, service or people shall be immediately reported to the General Manager by means of a proper document.