Welding Protection

Welding Protection Spray P60 & P65 used to clean welding nozzles and keep them clean. WELDING PROTECTION SPRAY P60 Solvent Based | 400 ml P60 is a high quality product based on oil and solvents, used to clean welding nozzles and keep them clean. Welding Propection Spray prevents weld spatters from sticking to gas nozzles and workpiece s...
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PECOL sponsor FST

Formula SAE is an international engineering design competition for students. It began in U.S and today the competition is all over the globe, gathering more than 500 teams. The concept behind Formula Student is that a team of students plan, design and manufacture a formula race car. Formula Student’s team from Instituto Superior Técnico :: sp...
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Super High Tack

high tack
High quality, fast curing adhesive sealant, based on modified polymer technology, with very high initial strenght. The fast development of adhesive power and the high initial strength enable problem-free applications even on vertical surfaces. For assembling and bonding of almost all materials even on damp surfaces, on most surfaces porous and non...
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Super Fast Glue

P6 Glue KIT is an adhesive set which consists of a high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activator. The KIT has a high bonding strength and is suitable for use on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump. It is particulary suitable to bonding difficult substrates which have a porous or uneven nature, since it increases bonding strength ...
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