PECOL Headquarters

Headquarters in Águeda - Portugal with an area of 150.000m2.


Deliveries within 24 hours to any region of the Continental Country. 30.000 SKU.

Product Range

We have more than 40.000 references avaliable for you.

Production Capacity

Overall production output capacity of 2.000 Ton. per month of metallic and special parts.

Quality Products

Comply with highest quality requirements, and regularly tested.

Packaging Systems

Multiple packaging Systems designed to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

Solid and Dynamic Commercial Approach!

PECOL is part of a Portuguese industrial group (PCL-Investimentos) that was founded in the city of Águeda (Portugal) in 1983. Currently Pecol holds a relevant position in Europe, providing a global range of products and services in the areas of fixing and assembly systems, for all kinds of industry ...

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Notícias/ Destaques

11 Sep

A Portuguese giant

Read full interview for Fastener+Fixing Magazine Situated in Águeda, Portugal, everything about PECOL Group is large scale – its 160,000m2 headquarters, its 45,000 pallet ware...
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2 Aug

Fixing systems for photovoltaic panels

We present you the ideal solution to the photovoltaic panels fixing system, assuring reliability and durability. First of all, an adequated and safe fixing system is the most i...
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Welding Protection
1 Mar

Welding Protection

Welding Protection Spray P60 & P65 used to clean welding nozzles and keep them clean. WELDING PROTECTION SPRAY P60 Solvent Based | 400 ml P60 is a high quality product b...
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Pecol’s Solidarity
6 Jan

Pecol’s Solidarity

6st January, PECOL reforested native trees near Préstimo, Águeda - an area strongly affected by fire two years ago. Thank you to all the collaborators who participated in this s...
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General Catalogue
1 Jan

General Catalogue

PECOL has launched a new product catalog. This catalog summarizes all PECOL range, simplifying the selection and purchase of our products. PECOL products have the highest certifi...
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PECOL sponsor FST
31 Oct

PECOL sponsor FST

Formula SAE is an international engineering design competition for students. It began in U.S and today the competition is all over the globe, gathering more than 500 teams. The co...
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Empresas do Grupo

logo pecol automotive
PECOL Automotive is specialized in the production of special fixing components by cold forming, the company is strategically oriented to the automotive industry requirements.
PECOL Automotive
logo retsacoat
RETSACOAT is a services company specialized in the appliance of surface electrolytic treatments (Zn / ZnNi / Phosphate) and licensed by  NOF METAL COATINGS  for GEOMET®, DACROMET® and GEOBLACK®.
RETSACOAT – Tratamentos Superfície
logo inkator
With 40 years’ experience in the production of technical pieces and with an area of 5.000m2, is a reference company in this activity sector and works with big automotive industry groups.
INKATOR – Piezas Especiales
logo sermocol
Sermocol develops a high variety of tools and technical pieces in steel and carbide. This company was paramount in the conclusion of the all process in-house strategy.
SERMOCOL – High precision Tools